API (Application Programming Interface)

If you’re from computer area obviously you have heard that term but maybe you don’t know what actually it is. Many people aren’t familiar with this term. Actually, this post is mainly for them who don’t have a proper idea about this. I guarantee you know a little bit about it let’s connect them. This following discussion helps you to clear all doubts you have been.


Today we are connected to each other. Connectivity is an amazing thing use instinct connectivity to puts the world using fingerprint from a desktop, desktop to devices, we can purchase, post, pick anything from anywhere. we are connected to the world like we never before.

But how does it happen? how data get from here to there? how different devices and application connected to each other to allow order, reservation or book a flight within few seconds. It is only possible for our topic of discussion which is API.

API stands for Application programming interface.

First of all, you should know what is an application? How does the application works? also the usefulness of an application.

What is an application?

An application or application program is a Software program which runs on a computer, Internet browser. it creates for end-user that perform a specific function directly to the user. An application is nothing but a collection of computer program or software.

You can find APIs definition from various internet resources but this one is the simplest one.

What is an Application programming interface(API)?


An API is simply like messenger you do request that tells the system what you want to do and returns the response message back to you.

I’m telling a story that you can understand clearly.


APIs example:-

here is a real-life API example. you may be familiar with purchasing item or product from Flipkart(or any e-commerce website). there you have varieties option to choose from: Electronics, Home accessories, Fashion etc. let us imagine that you’re booking a t-shirt on a website. In order to a t-shirt, you interact with Flipkart website to access their database and see which product is available and what cost might be.

However, you’re using their website to get information.

In case, you interact with the Flipkart API and the API is the interface that helps you to get information from their database to book t-shirt. the API is totally responsible for your request and deliver to the services.

which helps you to show a similar product and related information.

This story is very important to understand API concept clearly. if you still do not understand read this story very carefully and conceptually.

Suppose you want to travel all over the world Before going to traveling you must have to book the hotel through travel agencies. if you ask yourself how it is possible? how can a third party book a particular room and also from their home?

This is only possible for providing the interface to the user.

If you’re working in an organization there has its own software to maintain the system. Not everyone can use it, there have some following rules by which you can be able to use it. you must have to “Sign-up” first and then “Login-in” or “Sign-in” etc.

How to Sign-up and Sign-up, this is not our topic of discussion. See the other options for login?

If you notice you find there are more option for login.  These are showing below:-pinterest api

  1. Continue with Facebook.
  2. Continue with Google.

These also can be possible for Application of Programming Interface.