Cloud Computing is not new. In 1984, John Gage of Sun Microsystems minted this catchword and the notion was further developed in the mid-1990s.

What is The Cloud Computing Exactly?

A Network of servers that holds your digital data from documents to music.

Information is stored on an external network of servers and accessed through the web.

How Do I Use It?

An application that runs in the cloud is called a Web App, Like, Google Drive. Unlike desktop apps like Microsoft words, web apps don’t need to be installed.

When you…

  • Check your emails through Gmail.
  • Share pictures in DropBox,
  • Video chat on Skype. are already using a cloud-based service.

More than 1.2 billion people use cloud storage devices.

this is cloud computing

Infographics credit: Newtek

  • The Cloud is 100% safe from cyber attacks.
  • The Clou is creating IT jobs. Companies like Amazon and Google have a much higher need for IT admins that understand the specific concerns of the cloud.

Cloud computing is a key component for these growing jobs.

  • Network Systems Administrations,
  • Network and Data Communication Analysis,
  • System Analysis,
  • Application Software Developer,
  • Full Stack Web Developer,
  • Application Programmer,
  • Database Administrator, etc.

71% of technology experts agree that by 2020, most people will work on Internet-based applications.

And they are right!

2/3 of global organizations are planning to adopt cloud computing in the near future.

Forbes recently reported that 90% of worldwide mobile traffic will be from cloud applications by 2019.

Cloud allows businesses to quickly adapt to the latest technologies for continued growth and provides a myriad of opportunities for future development.

Of the best in class business s, IT infrastructure leaders are 60% more likely to leverage third-party Cloud providers to implement and help run their business-critical applications.

Cloud Computing will continue to expand, so tart Thinking about how you can utilize it to increase productivity in your business and personal life.