Windows Installation Process

Windows Setup is the program that installs Windows or upgrades an existing Windows installation. The best way to upgrade your computer is to install the latest version of windows. Windows 10 installation is pretty much simple than window 7, 8, 8.1. You just need your Windows 10 license and a USB flash drive or writable DVD. There are several ways to install and upgrade:

  • Interactive Setup
  • Automated installation
  • Windows Deployment Services

Windows Setup Types

Windows Setup can perform both clean and upgrade installations. However, it does not perform computer-to-computer migrations. Instead, you must use Windows Easy Transfer, the User State Migration Tool (USMT), or another migration tool to move data from a previous installation to the new operating system.

  • Custom Installation:-  

Windows Setup can perform a custom installation, also known as a clean installation,      which saves your previous Windows installation but does not migrate your settings.        The previous Windows installation will not boot after a clean installation. It backup your content.

  • Upgrade Installation:-

Windows Setup can perform an installation that retains your settings and preferences while upgrading your operating system.

So, let’s check the processes by which we can setup windows on our computer. Read the following process very carefully and do this one by one.

Steps to Download:

Before downloading make sure which operating system you’re using. whether it is 64 bit or 32 bit.

How to check your operating system?

  1. Go to your pc then right click.
  2. Check properties.
  3. Look System type it is 64 bit or 32 bit.

make sure yours. It important otherwise you can not download.

Step 1:

Go to Microsoft Windows section. Download the ISO file.


you can Click to download:-

Options are like:- (i) Download Tool Now(32-bit version).

(ii) Download Tool Now(64-bit version).

Already you check it before Step 1. Select your system type and download within a second.

Step 2:

Open the downloaded file. Named as MediaCreation.exe 

follow the bellowing:

Select Yes. Accept term & condition.

Step 3:

Select Create installation media(USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another PC. then Click Next to proceed.


Step 4:

Don’t forget to Select Use the recommended options for this PC.  and click on Next to continue.


Step 5:

then Select ISO file and click

Select your file location. this is your Windows 10 ISO file. just Save it.

it just shows like Downloading Windows 10. After downloading click on Next to continue.

Ok. done it?


Step 6:

Your Windows 10 ISO file is downloaded.

Right click on ISO file, Open with Windows Explorer. or you can double-click also.

Step 7:

After this, Click on sources. find the Set-up file.


if you find it, Right click on Set-up file and Run as administrator.

Step 8:

you’ll get a screen looks like:- Windows set-up shows you a message like

select your language, time and currency format, keyboard or input method. click Next to proceed.

Step 9:

Click on Install Now.

Step 10:

It will ask for the product key, you can enter or choose the Skip option.

Step 11:

Accept term and condition. Click Next to proceed.

Step 12:

Click on Custom: Install Windows only(advanced).

Step 13:

It will ask will where do you want to install Windows?

the last step of installation. be careful on it. before going to format any drive just think twice. you have to install it in C drive because of Program file purpose. Select your correct C drive very carefully. if C drive doesn’t contain enough space to install. format this drive otherwise you are not able to do this.

Choose attentively C drive.

if you choosing it correctly then you can proceed to Next.

Now it’s time to relax.

Step 14:

Windows screen showing you a status like Installing Windows.

It automatically reboots don’t worry about now. It will be getting ready.


Ask for the product key, you can do it later it. Click to proceed Use Express Settings.

Around 30 minutes will take installation.

Step 15:

Who owns this PC?

Click on I own it. Click Next to proceed.


Make it yours with Email or phone and Password. or You can skip this steps.

Windows is going to ready thing for you. you have to wait for few times.

After all, you get Windows 10 Desktop.

If you face any problem with setting up windows, comment below.

Thank you.

References: Windows Setup Installation Process by Microsoft.